crushed stone

Eastern Industries work with federal, state, and local governments as well as corporate and private accounts. Our customers are literally each one of you either directly or indirectly who have lived in, driven through, or bought from any company within the Keystone state. Our products are naturally interconnected to the very heart of your lives.

We produce crushed limestone, crushed sandstone, or sand and gravel at 16 sites in eastern Pennsylvania. Each is extracted for a variety of agricultural, commercial, environmental, industrial, and residential uses.

For example, agglime enhances soil fertility enabling higher crop yields and lower food prices. Crushed stones cradle sewer and water transmission lines allowing our towns and villages to have access to clean drinking water and waste disposal. Most of us live in homes with concrete foundations, basement floors and sidewalks which all rely on crushed stone and sand.

Crushed Stone Specifications

The largest volume is sold for use in maintaining roadways and building parking areas for our highly mobile society. A variety of aggregate sizes and properties are used depending on application. Larger sizes are used as ballast that provide a solid foundation for the roadway, while finer sizes make up the wearing surfaces or perhaps as anti-skid for safer winter driving.

Many of the products we produce are used in environmental applications ranging from the low-tech rock-lined stream channels which prevent soil erosion for farmers, to the high-tech desulphurization of coal-fired power plant emissions, which benefits all of us by reducing the potential for acid rain. Solid waste sites use our low carbonate sandstone to protect their landfill liners from puncture and at the same time these permeable aggregates allow liquids to flow to collection points for treatment.

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