Lewisburg Quarry and Hot Mixed Asphalt Plants

Eastern Industries, Inc., Lewisburg Quarry and Asphalt Plant are located two miles west of Lewisburg along State Route 192 in Union County. This facility markets crushed limestone and asphalt paving materials throughout Union, Montour, Northumberland, eastern Snyder, southern Lycoming, and western Columbia counties.
The need for hi-calcium limestone used in acid-mine mitigation projects, has extended the market for Lewisburg’s stone into the coal region of northeastern Pennsylvania, including Schuylkill, Luzerne, and Lackawanna Counties.

The Lewisburg Quarry is situated in the Keyser Limestone Formation. This sequence of rock is only about 180-feet in thickness, with the stone beds laying relatively flat and underlying most of our reserve. There had been numerous small pits located around this local limestone plateau dating back to the late 1800’s. Eastern Industries, Inc. saw the value in this property and developed a long-term plan to market the special calcium carbonate qualities. The portable crushing plant that was installed in 1992 to open the quarry has been replaced with a state of the art crushing facility.

Along with the new crushing plant installed in 2002, Eastern Industries, Inc. added a 400 ton-per-hour drum-mixed hot asphalt plant with six 300-ton silos. This new plant incorporates the latest technology and features that allow it to produce a full line of bituminous materials based on Marshall and SuperPAVE design methods.

Technicians from the on-premises Quality Control lab monitor raw aggregate quality and chemistry in addition to bituminous concrete production, and are capable of designing bituminous pavements completely in-house.

Hours of Operation
7:00 am to 3:30 pm M-F
with seasonal variability


Crushed Aggregates

Hot Mixed Asphalts Designs

2RC Select Granular Material


2A Sub Base

ID-2 Binder

Open Graded Sub Base (OGS)

ID-3 Wearing, all SRL grades


ID-2 Wearing, all SRL grades


FB-2 Base and Wearing




37.5mm Gyratory Mixes


25mm Gyratory Mixes


19mm Gyratory Mixes


12.5mm Gyratory Mixes


9.5mm Gyratory Mixes

Rip Rap

4.75mm Gyratory Mixes

Driving Surface Aggregate

Type 485 and 486 Cold Patch

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Quarry Superintendent
Victor Delorso
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Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Operator
Rose Page
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Dave Porter
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